General sales conditions

1 - Seller

The company PAOLA BONACINA, registered office in Via dell’Artigianato n. 1/5, 26900- Frazione di San Grato, Lodi (LO), VAT Reg. No. 08494190963


2 - Application of the general sales conditions

Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of the general sales conditions herein.


3 - Validity of the service

Our articles can be purchased by consumers with a delivery address inside Europe and in the rest of the world. The items shown on the website are available while stocks last. Should an item be charged for but is no longer in stock, Paola Bonacina will offer the client in question a voucher or refund within 15 days. PAOLABONACINA.COM will inform clients who have ordered articles which are no longer available by email.


4 - Presentation of articles

The articles on sale are described and presented as correctly and accurately as possible. However, PAOLABONACINA.COM disclaims all responsibility in  the case of errors or omissions in their presentation.


5 - Price of the articles

Prices are expressed in Euro, VAT included for Italy. The amount of the VAT appears when the article is selected. Should the VAT rate change, the new rate will be applied without the need to notify the client. PAOLABONACINA.COM reserves the right to change the prices of the articles at any time; however, the products will be invoiced at the price applicable at the time of order.

Prices for countries outside the European Union are indicated without VAT. Orders placed through the site and delivered in a country outside the EU could be subject to customs duties charged on delivery of the product. Such duties and taxes will be borne by the client. PAOLABONACINA.COM is not obliged to verify the existence of customs duties and taxes. Therefore, please note that if you place an order on the PAOLABONACINA.COM website  you will be considered the official importer and will be obliged to observe all the law provisions and regulations of the country in which the goods are received. Please also note that  packages delivered in other countries could be opened by customs for inspection.


6 - Order and secure payment

6.1 : Payment

Clients confirm the order as described below. Such confirmation implies acceptance of these general sales conditions. Clients interested in purchasing an article from PAOLABONACINA.COM must follow  the order creation procedure indicated below. After clicking on "confirm" and having verified the characteristics of the article chosen (colour, quantity, price), by confirming the method of payment the order becomes final, with the effects indicated below:


• Paypal


Payment by Paypal does not imply, in any case whatsoever, the transmission of the client's financial data to PAOLABONACINA.COM. The card number is protected and encrypted. To make the payment it is sufficient to simply indicate an email and password.


• Payment by bank transfer


Select «payment by bank transfer» and confirm the order in box 5. You will receive an email with the bank details and amount to pay, along with a transaction number that must be indicated when you make the bank transfer. We will start to prepare the order on receipt of the bank transfer (usually at least 4 working days later).


6.2 : Failure to pay

PAOLABONACINA.COM reserves the right to refuse a delivery or fulfil an order arriving from clients who have not, in full or in part, paid for a previous purchase or with whom litigation proceedings have been started regarding a payment.


6.3 : Control of payment

PAOLABONACINA.COM checks all the orders placed through the site. The aim of these checks is to safeguard PAOLABONACINA.COM against fraud. Our offices may request from the client all the documents necessary to complete the order: identification data of the client, proof of residence of the person indicated in the delivery address, etc.


7 - Payment security

To ensure utmost security of the transactions, PAOLABONACINA.COM uses a secure payment service at the time of confirmation of the order: the payment request is sent in real time to the operator of the secure electronic payment system who sends a payment authorisation request to the relative credit card company. The operator of the electronic charging system then sends an e-certificate which represents proof of the amount and date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the Italian Civil Code.

8 - Shipment

Delivery times are expressed in working days and take effect on the date the order is placed (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). PAOLABONACINA.COM will not be held liable for late delivery in circumstances of force majeure.


9 - Satisfied or refunded

All the articles purchased from PAOLABONACINA.COM can be exchanged or refunded. To be accepted, returns must satisfy the following conditions:

- The article must not have been used outdoors. The article must be new with the labels still attached.

- The article must be returned in the original packaging which must in turn be new.

- The article must be returned within 10 days following its receipt.

- The return procedures are indicated below.


9.1 : Return method:

Courier service chosen by the client.


9.2 : Return procedure:

All the articles purchased from PAOLABONACINA.COM can be exchanged or refunded.

The client can request exchange or refund within 10 days following receipt of the article.

Articles must necessarily be returned following the procedure indicated below:


Step 1: Request

Send an email to requesting to make the return and giving the reason.


Step 2: Control

PAOLABONACINA.COM will check that the returned articles are in their original conditions, without prejudice to the right of same to claim reimbursement for any damage or non-correspondence with the articles delivered to the client.

PAOLABONACINA.COM will not be held liable in the case of loss of returned articles, return to the incorrect address or delays in the delivery of returned articles, it hereby being agreed that the client assumes all the risks of such shipment.


Step 3: Confirmation

An email will be sent to the client with the address to which the goods must be returned.



10 - Packages not delivered by our courier

These are packages which have not been delivered to the final addressee for the following reasons: address unknown, not collected, refused, damaged during transport, tampered with...


10.1: Reason for return of the package: address unknown or incorrect

These are packages sent back to the sender by the courier for the following reason: the addressee does not live at the address indicated. Following receipt and acceptance of the package by our offices, PAOLABONACINA.COM will contact the client to send the order again if the article is still available or refund the cost, at the client’s discretion. PAOLABONACINA.COM reserves the right to make the refund rather than send the article again if the article has been returned more than once because the address is unknown.


10.2: Reason for return of the package : "ABSENT / NOTIFIED"

These are packages that have not be collected by the client at the courier’s offices or at the point of delivery in the times set. Following receipt and acceptance of the package by our offices, PAOLABONACINA.COM will contact the client to send the order again if the article is still available or refund the cost, at the client’s discretion. PAOLABONACINA.COM reserves the right to make the refund rather than send the article again if the article has been not been collected more than once.


10.3: Reason for return of the package  "REFUSED"

The client refuses the package at the time of delivery. Following receipt and acceptance of the package by our offices, the client’s account will be accredited with a voucher within 72 hours following the return of the package. The voucher can be cancelled and refund requested in the section "CUSTOMER SERVICE". In the case of return of  a package due to the reasons "ADDRESS UNKNOWN", "NOT COLLECTED", or "REFUSED", PAOLABONACINA.COM does not guarantee the availability of the articles ordered and may be obliged to refund the cost in this case, without prejudice to control of the condition of the returned articles.


11 - Liability

In all stages of access to the site, consultation, creation of an order, fulfilment of orders, delivery of articles or any other service, the company PAOLABONACINA.COM acts solely as agent. Therefore, PAOLABONACINA.COM declines all responsibility for problems or damage resulting from the use of the internet and extraneous to the obligations and precautions adopted by PAOLABONACINA.COM. In particular, all unexpected events related to the supply of the service, intrusions or the presence of software viruses will not be attributable to PAOLABONACINA.COM. Likewise, all circumstances of force majeure as dictated by the Supreme Court fully relieve PAOLABONACINA.COM from responsibility. Clients are covered by the warranties envisaged for the brands present in the site.


12 - Intellectual property rights

All the elements of the PAOLABONACINA.COM website, both visual or audio, including the technology supporting them, are covered by copyright, trademarks or patents. These elements are the exclusive property of PAOLABONACINA.COM.

All hypertext links that send users to the PAOLABONACINA.COM website and which use specific framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or other direct linking techniques  are strictly forbidden. Without exception, all links, albeit tacitly authorised, must be removed when requested by PAOLABONACINA.COM.


13 - Names

PAOLABONACINA.COM does not gather or store the names of users of the site.


14 - Gift certificates and vouchers

Gift certificates and vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Products purchased using gift certificates or vouchers can be exchanged or another voucher granted for a future purchase.